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Horizons Planning Corporation



Jody Beutler
Tracy Bragiel
C. Tino Lambros
Joy and Scott Powers


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Julie Artinian-Callaway
Marlene and John Barr in memory of Denise Rae Zellner
Jay Baxter in memory of Pat Baxter
Harry and Kathy Bidelman
Linda Coleman
Tony and Lynne Comazzi
Elizabeth Cuellar
Paul Davignon
Fred and Maria Davis
Donna DeButts
Keith and Annette DeZwaan
Don Fredrick
Michael and Irmgard Gelletly
John and Barb Ginther
Bill and Susan Henderson
Lawrence and Mary Hendricks
Wayne Jahnke
Donna Jones
Dave and Marsha Keeler
Robert Klaffke
Bob and Nancy Langeneckert
Jean Lyndes
Alicia McCollum
Daisy M. McCollum
Bob and Carolyn McGuire
Bill and Glenna Miller
Matt Miller
Teresa Nethken
Bill Nickels
Thelma Peper
Marie Phillips
Vivian Phillips
Steve Pierce,
Ronald and Mary Frances Podolak in honor of C. Tino Lambros
Russ and Nancy Reed
Larry and Michelle Sanford
Jane Schmiedeke in memory of Joe Mattimoe
Daryl and Maggie Sell
Lewis Shock
Michael Srock
Sue Stickel
Beth Venier
Rosie Voss
Cheryl Wagner
Robert Watts
Stewart and Carolyn Work
Ypsilanti Ladies Literary Club