Is it fun being in the Ypsilanti Community Choir?

We think so, but come and find out for yourself!

How do I join?

Attend a rehearsal during the first three weeks of any season to sign up. There’ll be an obvious registration table, and our volunteers will guide you from there.

You are also welcome to give us a “test drive” by sitting in on any rehearsal. Come and see what you think. (Please let us know in advance so that we can have music available for you to use.)

Do I have to audition?

Nope, we accept all voices! If you aren’t sure of your vocal range, our director can listen to your voice and place you accordingly. Music reading skills or choral experience is a plus, but not a requirement – especially if you have a “good ear” for music.

What kind of musical experience do I need to have? 

The YCC is open without audition to all adults. We’re a chorus where you can develop your skills and enjoy the experience. If you have a passion for singing and commitment to making the best music that you can, we would love to have you join us.

The last time I sang was in my high school chorus (or in the shower . . . or in the car). Is that OK? 


Am I too young or too old? 

No, the choir is open to adults (post high school) of any age. Our membership includes college students, retirees, and everything in between; so there’s a place for you!

What kind of music do you sing? 

We sing a wide variety of music. YCC has been known to perform gospel, Broadway, Christmas, Hanukah, classical, popular, and sacred music – just to name a few.

Are there opportunities for solos?

Often, there are solo opportunities within the pieces we sing. Anyone wanting to sing a solo will audition for our music director.

Who leads the YCC?

Biographies of our director, Ariel Toews-Ricotta, as well as our accompanist, Maria Cimarelli, can be found here.

When and where are rehearsals?

In a normal year, we  rehearse on Thursday from 7:30-9:00 pm in the basement of Emmanuel Lutheran Church, located at 201 North River Street in Ypsilanti. Please enter via the west door – down a few stairs from the rear parking lot, our rehearsal space is just beyond the kitchen. Our year is typically divided into two seasons (semesters): fall (September-December) and spring (January-May).

Does it cost anything to be in the choir?

Each choir member pays $40 each semester. Cash and checks are accepted (sorry, no credit cards).

Where do my dues (and other contributions) go?

Unfortunately, it takes money to run a quality choral program – and remember that part of our mission is to keep our concerts admission free. Dues and tax-deductible contributions help to pay for music, the services of our musical director and accompanist, guest musicians, and venue rent.

While we do pay our director(s) and accompanist(s), everything – EVERYTHING – else is done by volunteers.

When are performances?

We typically perform two formal concerts each season: one in May, and the other in December. YCC is also happy to contribute to the community by providing additional performances when possible. These additional performances include downtown and Depot Town tree-lightings and the annual Memorial Day commemoration at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Ypsilanti Township.

What is concert attire?

In order to look our best on stage, we do have a concert dress code: basic black. Women are asked to wear black top and bottom (skirt or slacks), black stockings, and black shoes. Men should wear a black tux or black (or as dark as possible) suit with a white shirt, black socks, black shoes, and a dark tie.

How is the choir financially supported? 

The Ypsilanti Community Choir is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and is 100% funded through donations, member dues, concert sponsors, and fundraising.

In addition to financially, are there ways I can help the choir?

Yes!!! We rely on volunteers to do virtually everything that needs to be done to put on a concert. Here are some of the things you can do to help: recruit new members, serve on the board of directors, help with rehearsal and/or concert set-up, spread the word about concerts.